Trilogy Solutions was founded on the concept of, "providing superior Solutions for the
front of the house, back of the house and YOU - the restaurateur”. Trilogy Solutions
was established in 2007 with the sole purpose of providing a POS, point-of-sale,
Solutions superior to any other in the industry. With an after sale support quality that is
unmatched; Trilogy and its team are committed to providing their clients with a complete
Solutions that is as unique and versatile as the Hospitality Industry we are a part of.    

Trilogy focuses on providing Software, Hardware as well as other services to customize
your establishments’ Solutions. In this broad vertical market Trilogy Solutions, in
conjunction with both Volante Systems and Point of Success, offers and continues to
provide the best Hospitality packages available in the industry to date.

The slogan “No Server, No Hub, No Network – NO PROBLEM” means that Volante
Software is a trouble free and secure Solutions for today’s complex market.  Innovations
in our JAVA programming and Windows or LINUX operating systems puts us above
the average provider. As we strive to improve and develop our services as well as
our single minded approach to our one vertical market we also get back-to-basics
by offering Point of Success; which is a great system recommended for delivery
restaurants and pizzerias where improving efficiency and profitability of a small quick
service establishment is crucial. All this makes Trilogy Solutions unique among
software providers and Solutions analysts.

Our ability to operate in Windows, LINUX or mixed O/S enables us to utilize a wide
variety of hardware platforms.
Trilogy has built itself a reputation for providing a tier one software Solutions coupled with
an outstanding support structure within the industry. 

Irrefutably Trilogy Solutions + Software System = A winning combination for any
Establishment. Our TRU Enterprise Solutions is the only answer for any restaurateur.